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Home of Mona


Mona’s World

This place is for everything I dream of. Everything I think. Everything I don’t want to think about but won’t stop bouncing around in my head.
This is a home for my creativity as much as it is for anyone who reads this.
I hope to spark your imagination.
I hope to write things that help you think deeply about any topic.
I hope you find this blog useful and enlightening.
Mona xx


Lady In Pink – Mona Smyles

I do partial faced Portraiture.


Punk – Mona Smyles

My passion for the creative styles of comic books, popular illustrators, and children’s books has given me an indisputable love for all things inked and colourful.


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I like to write. My thoughts need somewhere to go. I need to get them out of my head and stop them from bouncing on the walls.

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My favourite artworks are the ones that tell stories.
I am an artist. Plain and simple.
I do portraiture, digital art, and illustration and I’m always looking to better myself.